VEP September Update

Sunday, 06 September 2015 06:50

1. Crime and Safety in the VEP Neighborhoods. On Friday afternoon, August 21st, the Vistapark area of VEP had another home burglarized. This time on Barron Park Drive in the home of long time resident and VEP member Dian Syverson. (Note: Dian has given permission for her name and the details of the burglary to be made public.) Three suspects entered her home through the rear sliding glass doors by smashing them. Unfortunately her house was trashed, and many items stolen including an Ipad and other electronics, money, and valuable jewelry - heart- breaking to Dian as some items were given to her by her mother. Fortunately, an observant and quick thinking neighbor called SJPD. The neighbor was able to give a description of the suspects, took pictures, and obtained a partial license plate. SJPD Community Service Officers responded to complete a report and dust for fingerprints. Everyone is optimistic that these suspects will be apprehended. Bravo to the quick action taken by a vigilant neighbor!

2. Resurfacing Pavement for Vistapark Drive. Everyone is pleased that the Vistapark Drive is being resurfaced. Many neighbors, however have expressed concern about the poor quality of the contractor's work thus far. The contractor has provided assurances that a significant amount of work still remains to be completed on Vistapark Drive, including the final striping of lanes.

3. Upcoming Events at Martial Cottle Park! The 1st Annual Harvest Festival at Martial Cottle Park is scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd! Put it on your calendar and plan now for the whole family to attend! Please note that additional information will also be provided at the September VEP monthly membership meeting on Tuesday, September 29th! Volunteer Opportunities are available:

Another fun opportunity will take place this Saturday, September 5th, at 8pm - In the Park After Dark Movie Night at Martial Cottle. Meet on the lawn (close to the vehicle main entrance). A short film on County Parks followed by The Lorax - for FREE on a giant blow up screen. Bring a flashlight, lawnchair, and a blanket. Questions at 408-553-4060.


VEP July Update

Saturday, 04 July 2015 06:21

1. Summer Safety Briefing at Vista Park. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend. The focus of the briefing was to highlight the importance of the voluntary Video Camera Registry. This registry will assist SJPD in maximizing their efforts in catching individuals involved in criminal activity, and thus increases safety for residents. VEP residents have already been proactive in utilizing security video cameras on several streets within the VEP neighborhoods.

2. Special thank you to Don Ferguson and Kathy Welch. Don and Kathy are two examples of the many VEP members currently utilizing video cameras. They each briefly shared how valuable they believed security video cameras to be for residents, and gave examples of how having their video cameras provided them an opportunity to assist SJPD in successfully apprehending individuals involved in criminal activity. Don and Kathy also stated they will be registering for the voluntary registry with SJPD. For additional information, and/or to register your security video camera, go to

3. Illegal Fireworks - each of the City Officials at the Summer Safety Briefing stressed the fact that all fireworks/firecrackers are illegal in the City of San Jose. Fireworks are dangerous at any time with the potential for severe injuries. This year the severe drought is causing an additional concern for everyone's safety - illegal fireworks could easily start fires. Instead of participating in illegal fireworks demonstrations, residents were strongly encouraged to attend one of the three scheduled events in San Jose - Almaden Lake, Downtown San Jose, and/or San Jose Giants. (Note: VEP is a Community Sponsor for the event at Almaden Lake.)

4. Issue of Illegal Fireworks/Firecrackers within the VEP Neighborhoods - due to the apparent magnitude of the ongoing issue with M80 firecrackers being discharged several times every night over a period of several weeks, SJPD may be able to provide random patrols through the neighborhoods. This will be based on the volume of calls received. VEP area residents need to call 311 to report incidents. Report time of incident, with street address and house number, if possible. If not known, or unable to determine, provide as much accurate information as possible. For instance - VEP area, 95136 zip code, cross streets - ie. close to Vistapark Drive and View Park Circle; or Chynoweth & Massachusetts; or in the eastern side of the Vista park - Vista Park at Hyde Park Drive and New Compton. Residents that are subscribers of TAPS Residential Security Patrols should call them as well.

5. VEP is a Community Sponsor of the 4th of July Fireworks & Festival at Almaden Lake. Come by the booth and say hello. Have your picture taken with volunteers at the booth (for the VEP newsletter). VEP will be selling Glow Sticks to support the festival. The festival starts at 2pm with music, lots of food trucks, and fun vendors. 5pm is the Kids Costume Parade and Contest. The fireworks will start at approximately 9pm. Come enjoy a safe, fun, family-friendly event - with spectacular fireworks over Almaden Lake - Beautiful!!! (Note - no alcohol or pets allowed.) Hope to see you all there!


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